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About GCA

GCA is an established organisation that provides education (through UBSS) and technological support services through its related entities.

One of the largest private providers of its kind in Australia, GCA provides a solid foundation through strong management structures, an experienced academic advisory board, several strategic business partnerships and various joint ventures. This structure allows for the delivery of quality services to all stakeholders including students and corporate members. The current consortium of members includes:

GCA has significant regional and global engagement.

Great Experiences

GCA offers students an education that consists of more than just academics. Through Facebook, social events and sports games, GCA offers students various ways to interact and make friends with people from all over the world. Ensuring that their education is well-rounded and full of life-experiences they will cherish for years to come.

Launching Careers

Our students flourish in the environment provided. Due to the high level of education they receive, they are able to thrive in businesses around the world, excel at their chosen trade, and achieve success in both Australian and overseas universities. We are exceedingly proud of each and every one of our graduating students.

GCA - "Launching Careers for over 30 years"